New hair salon owner moonlights as search and rescue volunteer
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New hair salon owner moonlights as search and rescue volunteer Featured

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Catherine Gill is living proof, the more you do, the more you have time to do.

The new owner of Carveth Hair Salon at Carveth Care Centre, Catherine divides her time between working as a hairdresser and volunteering with Thousand Islands Ground Search and Rescue.

“It’s my life,” she says with a smile about the not-for-profit organization she founded with her husband in 2010.

“We work to train people to assist local authorities in the search for lost and missing people.”

Asked what motivates her to perform this work, the 56-year-old woman replies softly, “I think it would be horrible to be a family member who can’t find a loved one. I can’t imagine someone going missing and how I would feel. I’ve been on a lot of searches and you see how devastating it is for the family.”

Looking around the accredited retirement and long-term care home located in the heart of the Thousand Islands, Catherine smiles at passing staff members who recognize her as the assistant hairdresser before she took over from Sharon Holliday.


“I’ve been here for 10 years,” confirms Catherine good naturedly. “So it doesn’t feel like a new job.”

Reflecting back to when she started working at Carveth, the friendly hairdresser smiles at the memory of spending time with her mother who was a resident of the home.

“I got to come to work and hang-out with my mother. It was wonderful. She used to fold towels.”

Catherine stops momentarily to catch her breath; underlining her feelings about her mother's death.

Sadly, she also just lost her father who was a resident of the retirement lodge.

Ironically, it was her father who urged her to get into hairdressing after high school.

“Once I became a hairdresser, I never went back,” she confirms.

Asked what she likes about the job, she replies quickly: “You come to work every day and you go home feeling like you made someone’s day special. You go home feeling like you’ve done something nice for someone.

“I also like the staff,” she says sincerely. “I couldn’t do what I do without the help and support of staff, they’re fantastic. They’re very helpful with residents who need accommodations. I appreciate that very much.”

Catherine officially assumed ownership of the salon on Oct. 1, the day of Sharon’s retirement. Catherine’s daughter manages the bills and books.

“It was exactly 10 years ago to the day (working as a hairdresser at Carveth), that I took over the salon,” says Catherine wistfully as her life seemingly comes full circle.

“I have said since I started here, it’s the best hairdressing job, ever,” she explains. “I think it’s because I enjoy helping people. The residents here are awesome. I love it here, I always have. There’s never been a day I didn’t want to come to work.”

Carveth Care Centre is sorry to hear about the recent death of Catherine’s father, Stan Heasler. Mr. Heasler was a valued member of the Carveth family who will be dearly missed. To book an appointment at the salon, please dial 613-382-4752 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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