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Pat Carter makes the best cinnamon buns and butter tarts. Just ask the residents of Carveth Care Centre who have been enjoying her baking for the last quarter-century.

Speaking from the home at the end of January 2021, the 68-year-old Gananoque woman reflects on her time at the home with pride. In less than five days, she will be retired after 24 years of service.

“I liked it. It was good,” she said about her work at the popular home. “You get to meet a lot of people. The residents are so cute. You get attached to them.”

Known for her delicious baking, Pat will be missed by the residents and staff.

“Pat is a valuable employee in our department and will be dearly missed,” says Theresa Running, Food Service Nutrition Manager. “I believe her love was baking. She could throw-in ingredients without measuring and it always came out great. She also could invent her own baking and cooking recipes which we adopted into our menu cycle. She is a very talented lady. Aside from being a great cook, Pat is also a fantastic photographer, gardener and all-around handy girl who could put many a man to shame. She is the glue that holds her family strong and a great friend to many. She is always there to help anyone in need. We wish you the best, Pat, and hope you will visit us often.  Enjoy this new chapter in your life. It will be a fun ride.”

Asked what she plans to do in her retirement, Pat says with a laugh, “I hope I’m not sitting around reading because that’s all I do now.”

To fill her time, Pat plans to paint the interior of her house and complete some overdue yardwork. She also hopes to return to making stained glass.

“I could keep working, honestly,” she says kindly. “But I figured it’s time to step down and let the young ones have a chance. Jobs are hard to come-by.”

Pat’s replacement is Chris Giugovaz, a Chef from Gananoque who has begun his orientation and training.