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Carveth Care Centre has a clear health status.

For more information about our home, please contact:
Director of Care Shelley Bender: 613-382-4752 ext.103
Owner/Operator/Administrator Brett Gibson: 613-382-4752 ext.102
Infection Prevention & Control Lead Lynn Vereecken: 613-382-4752 ext.108

Exemplary Level Accreditation for Carveth


Volunteers are a vital part of Carveth Care Centre.   Through the generous donation of their time and compassion we are able to expand vital programs and promote our link to the community.   Many of our volunteers are family members and members of our community.   A great way for families to bond bond together is to volunteer together.   Our volunteers play a very important role in our everyday lives, offering residents companionship and community involvement. Our Auxiliary hold fundraisers regularly to make sure every resident is remembered at Christmas and to help make wish lists for residents possible. They also purchase nursing equipment when requested. Our volunteers attend in-services on current topics such as Palliative Care, SAARS, HINI, and fire Evacuation so that they are more than just a daily events person. Responsibilities of the volunteers are set out in their orientation information handout. Volunteers are able to join in on activities and are encouraged to socialize on a one-to-one basis. Our volunteers are the true heart of the home.



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