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For more information about our home, please contact:
Director of Care Shelley Bender: 613-382-4752 ext.103 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Owner/Operator/Administrator Brett Gibson: 613-382-4752 ext.102 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Infection Prevention & Control Lead Lynn Vereecken: 613-382-4752 ext.108 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Exemplary Level Accreditation for Carveth

Carveth Care Centre FAQs

Choosing a safe and caring new home for yourself or for an elderly relative can be overwhelming.  We hope that these Frequently Asked Questions will provide answers about Gibson Family Health Care's Assisted Living and Long Term Care offerings at Carveth Care Centre and Helen Henderson Care Centre.

What is a long-term care home?

A long-term care (LTC) home is a home-like setting that provides cares and services for people that are no longer able to live independently or who require on-site nursing care, 24 hour supervision or personal support. LTC homes are government funded and regulated by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care. All long term care homes offer 24-hour supervision and nursing care. The basic package includes the following services: furnishings (e.g. bed, chair), meals (including special diets), bed linens and laundry, personal hygiene supplies, medical/clinical supplies and devices (e.g. walkers, wheelchairs for occasional use), housekeeping, pastoral services, social and recreational programs, medication administration, and assistance with the essential activities of daily living. Nursing and personal care on a 24-hour basis and access to a physician and other health professionals.
Click here to see the Family Council manual on Easing the Transition for answers to a variety of questions regarding easing the transition into long-term care.

Is Carveth Lodge the same as Carveth Nursing Home?

No, retirement homes are not regulated or funded by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. Carveth Care Centre Lodge is privately owned and operated. The retirement home is an assisted living facility that is able to accommodate minimal care needs for seniors.

What types of legislation govern long-term care homes?

There is one piece of provincial legislation governing long-term care homes. This is the Long-Term Care Homes Act. The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) sets standards for care and inspects long-term care homes annually. The MOHLTC also legislates the criteria governing eligibility for long term care and manages admission waiting lists across the province. All homes must post and follow a Residents' Bill of Rights. The MOHLTC conducts annual compliance reviews and homes are required to post this report and make it available to residents, families and prospective residents. To obtain a home's compliance report, you can ask the home directly or contact your MOHLTC regional office.

Is Carveth Care Centre an accredited home?

We are proud to say that Carveth Care Centre has been an accreditated home for the past 26 years. To achieve “Accreditation”, a home must undergo an intensive survey from Accreditation Canada. If successful, the home is recognized with an award to identify it as a home of distinction that provides care over and above provincial standards mandated by the MOHLTC.

What kinds of rooms are available at Carveth?

Carveth Care Centre offers a variety of accommodation options. We have basic rooms, semi private and private rooms. "Preferred Accommodation" is the term used to describe semi private and private room that includes special features. "Basic or Standard Accommodation" refers to the style of rooms that are shared by residents. The MOHLTC sets accommodation co-payment rates for the province. The co-payment rates change from time to time (at a minimum, annually in July). For the most up-to-date rates, contact the staff at your local Community Care Access Centre or the Assistant Administrator at Carveth Care Centre. If your income is not sufficient to pay for the basic accommodation rate, there is a subsidy available to reduce your accommodation rate, should you qualify. Subsidies are only available for basic accommodation. The home Office Manager can provide a rate reduction application form to residents to complete. If you are moving into a long-term care home and your spouse requires financial assistance to remain in his or her home, there is a government benefit called "Exceptional Circumstances" for people with lower incomes or couples who have to live separately. For more information, contact your local Community Care Access Centre.

Are there areas in the home where you can visit privately?

There are many private areas for families and friends to visit. In warmer weather, there are three outdoor patios. There are visiting rooms throughout the home such as the Fireplace Room, the Restorative Rainforest and two additional lounges to be found on the Kingsley Earl wing.

Who is the current Administrator?

The current Administrator of Carveth Care Centre is third generation family member Brett Gibson. Brett is a certified Administrator in the province of Ontario and a graduate of Saint Mary's University with his Bachelor of Commerce, Major in Management, and his Human Resource Management Certificate.

How do I contact the administration or business office?

The administration, including the Director of Care, Administrator and Assistant Administrator, as well as the business office are available weekdays from 8:30am to 4:30pm. The home maintains an open door policy and residents and their families are to feel free to contact the appropriate individual at any time. Please see the staff directory for direct contact numbers. Residents and families are encouraged not to leave cash or valuables in their room. For safe keeping please submit these items to the business office where they can be kept in a security safe and can be obtained at any time during office business hours. There is no additional charge for this service.

How do I get my loved one placed?

First you need to contact your local Community Care Access Centre, which is the local Placement Coordination Service. Within the context of Provincial legislation, regulations and policies, Placement Coordination Service undertake the following key responsibilities:
  • Determine eligibility for admission to Long Term Care facilities;
  • Authorize admission to Long Term Care facilities;
  • Prioritize persons for admission to Long Term Care facilities;
  • Manage the waiting list for admission to Long Term Care facilities
The South East Community Care Access Centre is the organization that you must go through to get admitted to Helen Henderson Care Centre. You can visit their website at for more information.

Is there a waiting list?

Yes, there is a waiting list. The list is established by the Placement Coordination Service (CCAC) depending on the levels of care individuals require, their current living situation, and the type of accommodation requested (i.e. private, semi-private, basic).

What are the rates for accommodation?

The province has adopted a standard rate for basic accommodation in long-term care facilities. Under this policy a maximum rate for basic accommodation is set annually by the Government. This rate will be paid by persons with sufficient income to pay the maximum rate for basic accommodation. When a resident requests Private or Semi-Private accommodation an additional preferred accommodation fee is charged, also set by the Provincial Government. Resident accommodation charges are subject to change July 1st of each year, 30 days notice will be provided prior to any rate changes.

Can accommodation charges be reduced or supplemented by the government?

A resident must reside in basic accommodation (with a roommate) to be eligible for a rate reduction. A resident in basic accommodation with an income below $21,000 per year will be eligible for a reduction. Residents applying for a rate reduction will be income tested at the time of application and annually thereafter. The Reduction Application requires a resident to produce and attach to the application form a copy of his/her Notice of Assessment for the immediately preceding year. The Notice of Assessment is a confirmation sent from Revenue Canada to an individual subsequent to filing an Income Tax Return.

Is there public or volunteer transportation available?

For a nominal fee, transportation can be arranged via the Gananoque Wheels of Care. The Wheels of Care is a volunteer based organization that provides transportation for people confined to wheelchairs or suffering from other physical disabilities.

Is there flexibility around visiting hours?

Although the easiest time to visit is between 10 am and 8 pm, we are open to visitors at any time throughout the day. If visits are required outside of daylight hours there is a doorbell at the main entrance to alert staff.

What are the rules regarding vacation and leaves for residents?

All residents are entitled to vacation time and leaves of absence after admission. Each resident is allowed a leave of up to 48 hours per week and a vacation time of three weeks each calendar year. We request that for a leave of absence the home be alerted two hours prior to leave of request, if at all possible. For vacation time, if at all possible, we request that the home be notified at least two business days prior. These time frames allow the staff to prepare the necessary equipment and medication that may need to accompany the resident during their time away from the home.

What activities are available for the residents?

Our Activation Department is made up of qualified staff who are members in good standing with The Activity Professionals of Ontario. Programs are highlighted by daily announcements, newsletters, bulletin boards and an electronic communication station centrally located. The Activity staff also do one on one invitations to daily programs. A variety of daily program choices is available in different group sizes and geared to individual levels of cognitive abilities. We also offer evening programs. The focus of our programming is to meet the spiritual, physical, emotional and social needs of our individual residents. Regularly scheduled programs include sing-a-longs, crafts, bingo, bowling, exercises, games, puzzles, gardening, cooking, preserves and current events, to name just a few. Weekly in house Church Services are offered in our chapel by the local Ministerial Association. Special events are held monthly including Birthday Parties, Happy Hour, Men’s Group, Pub Nights & Fund raising events such as Strawberry Socials & Soup & Bun Day. We take part in local charity events such as The Alzheimer’s Memory Walk, CURE Foundation, the Heart & Stroke Foundation etc.

Are family members involved in planning for the resident’s care?

There is a multi-disciplinary care conference that is held within six weeks after admission and then annually thereafter, or if there is a change in the resident’s condition and upon request of the family. Family members that hold a valid power of attorney for personal care are encouraged to be actively involved in these meetings and the day to day planning of the resident’s care.

Is there a Family Council?

There is an active family council committee that meets regularly. Meeting dates are posted in the main lobby and there is an up to date information board located on the North-East wing. The Carveth Newsletter is also published once a month that also contains information about upcoming events and meetings. As the Family Council acts as an advocate for the residents of the home, all families are encouraged to become involved in the home and participate in the Family Council.
Click here to see the Family Council manual on Easing the Transition for answers to a variety of questions regarding easing the transition into long-term care.

Is there a place of worship?

Carveth Care Centre does have its own chapel with inter-denominational services and bible study held weekly.

How will my dietary needs be met?

Carveth Care Centre retains the services of a registered dietician who monitors the dietary needs of our residents in conjunction with the homes Food Service Supervisor. Seasonal menus are created based on Canada’s Food Guide. Foods are prepared on site and are served to meet all resident’s nutritional needs and varied abilities. Individual preferences are taken into consideration and alternative menus are available at all meals. Meals and Mealtimes Meals are served at the following times: Breakfast -- 8:30 AM Lunch -- 12 Noon Dinner -- 5 PM In addition, snacks are available in the morning, afternoon, and evening. The weekly menus are posted on bulletin boards at several locations within the home. Families and friends wishing to join their loved one for a meal are welcome to do so. Prior notification of request would be appreciated. Meal costs are $7 for breakfast/lunch and $9 for dinner. Payment can be made at the business office. Everyone loves a treat and our residents are no exception, but for the safety of the resident please consult with the dietician, food service supervisor or registered nursing staff before giving the treat to the resident. Smoking and alcohol consumption It is the policy of Carveth Care Centre to provide a non-smoking environment in order to maximize the health and safety of staff, residents, volunteers, and visitors. For residents, smoking is permitted at the main Nursing Home Entrance, as long as they are 30 ft. from the door. Alcohol may be consumed upon the authorization of the resident’s physician.

What special needs can the home accommodate?

The home is able to accommodate various individual needs such as oxygen therapy, electric wheelchairs and specific pressure relieving devices.

Can I bring my own furniture?

Yes. To have our residents feel more at home during their stay with us, the residents and their families are strongly encouraged to bring in personal belongings for their loved ones room. We request that wall decorations are hung using picture hooks and all electrical items must be inspected by the maintenance department before being used in the resident’s room.

Does the home require that clothing be labeled prior to moving in?

Carveth Care Centre has its own labeling system and clothing can be labeled after admission. We request that at least three days worth of clothing be marked prior to admission so as not to be misplaced before all clothing is able to be marked properly.

How is billing arranged?

All invoices for payment will be mailed to the resident’s Power of Attorney for Property, if the resident is unable to handle their own finances. Invoices are sent out at the first of each month and are due by the 15th of the month. Payment can be made by cheque at the business office or through Automatic Withdrawal with the option of the 1st of the month or the 15th of the month. Arrangements can also be made at the business office for payments to be completed by post dated cheques.

What are the extra charges, if any, for personal needs and services?

Optional services are available for a fee. They include but may not be limited to hairdressing, cable TV and telephone services, transportation, foot care, etc. The Carveth Care Centre Activation department operates a tuck shop where novelty items and snacks may be purchased. A telephone jack and cable outlet is available in each room. Cable TV and telephone services are the responsibility of the resident and/or POA to arrange hook-up and billing with the appropriate company.

What other services are available at the home?

Local newspaper We have delivery service for the Brockville Recorder and Times, The Gananoque Reporter, The Kingston Whig Standard and other large corporation prints (Toronto Star, Ottawa Citizen etc.) Arrangements for delivery of the newspapers can be made by contacting the newspaper directly. The paper is delivered to the resident’s room. Hairdressing Arrangements can be made directly with the hairdresser located in the North-East wing. The salon’s hours of operation are Tues, Wed, Thurs 9am – 3pm, Fri 9am – 4pm and Sat 9am – 12noon. The salon is closed Sun and Mon. Dental Services Multi-gen Health Care provides the services of a dentist and dental hygienist who come to the home on a regular basis. They will do an initial assessment and ongoing dental work for any resident who requests it. Consent for treatment must be obtained from the resident or POA for finances to Multi-gen, and Multi-gen then bills them directly. Prices are 20 per cent above the ODA scale which is apparently very competitive with what dentists in private practice are charging. The actual work would be prescheduled and done at the home. Multi-gen is legally responsible for the quality of their own practice. Foot Care Carveth retains the services of a licensed foot care nurse to provide private nail care for those residents interested or those who have been referred to the service due to high risk nail care issues. The foot care nurse provides on- site treatment weekly and sends invoices directly to the power of attorney for property. If desired, arrangements for other nail care providers can be made directly from the family, resident/POA to the desired provider.

What about my medications and pharmacy needs?

For the safety of residents, all prescription and over the counter medicines and ointments are stored in the nursing home's secure medication room and administered by the nursing staff upon the authorization of the physician. Some exceptions may apply but only upon the authorization of the resident’s physician. If the resident is being admitted from their home we request that the resident/family bring in all medications that the resident has been taking. These medications will be reviewed with the physician and those medications determined to be appropriate will be continued. Due to MOHLTC standards, all medications brought in will be sent home with the family. Carveth Care Centre retains the services of Hunt’s Pharmacy for all the pharmacy needs of the residents. Any applicable charges for pharmacy services will be sent directly to the Power of Attorney for property from Hunt’s.

What about medical appointments and referrals?

The nursing staff request that when residents have external medical appointments, family members inform them as soon as possible so that the appropriate information can be obtained and be ready to send with the resident at the time of the appointment. For all referrals authorized by the physician, the nursing staff will obtain the appointment date and notify the family.

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