Nurse recognized for exceptional care
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Nurse recognized for exceptional care

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To be a nurse means you do what no one else will do in a way that no one else can do it.

A Registered Practical Nurse at Carveth Care Centre for the past eight years, Lisa Smith is a loving mother and exceptional caregiver.

“Before I came here, I was a foster parent for six years to medically fragile infants and children with behavioural issues,” she explains from her workplace, three days before Christmas. “I loved it.”

Lisa smiles at the memory of that time in her life when she was in her Norwood home caring for three of her four children, four foster children (under four) and two dogs.

“The more kids you have, the more organized you are,” she says with a straight face. “Take today for example, I have no idea where my son’s blue mitt is.”

She smiles at the anecdote; knowing a missing mitten is an easy challenge for a woman who showed her biological children their fortunate upbringing by opening their home to children with special needs.

“It was a great experience,” says the friendly brunette. “I wish I could have continued, but I needed to return to nursing.”

Looking around the accredited long-term care home, the 41-year-old notes, “I love my job. I love my residents. I like hearing their stories and making a difference in their lives.”

Known for her friendly attitude and helpful nature, Lisa cares deeply for the home’s residents and staff. The longer she talks, the clearer it becomes how good she is at her job.

“It’s nice to go to work and see the same faces all the time,” she explains. “We have the best residents. They have great personalities. I enjoy figuring them out and working around their agitation.

“The key is to remember we’re working with people, not on an assembly line,” she continues. “It’s important to remember that when the pace is fast and the work is difficult.”

Humble and kind, Lisa’ attitude and work ethic contributed to her recent workplace award. Currently residing in Brockville, she is the home’s Employee of the Month for January.

“Lisa is a dedicated nurse who puts the residents first,” says Lynn Vereecken, Assistant Director of Care. “The residents trust her, confide in her and look forward to seeing her. It is a pleasure to work with Lisa. She is an asset to our nursing team.”

Grateful for the recognition, Lisa is lost for words when asked to describe herself.

“I think I’m easy-going and friendly,” she replies with modesty after a long pause. “I’m not very good talking about myself.”

Thinking a bit longer, she adds, “I like to take every day as it comes because you never know what tomorrow will bring. I try to be happy and I try not to wish the days away.”

January is Compassionate Care Month at Carveth Care Centre. The home is grateful for the care and compassion of nurses such as Lisa Smith.

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