Spring cleaning makes sunshine and happiness
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Spring cleaning makes sunshine and happiness

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Sherry White knows you don’t get anything clean without getting something else dirty.

Typically surrounded by washcloths and mop buckets, Sherry is passionate about keeping her workplace free of dirt, marks and stains.

Speaking from Carveth Care Centre where she has worked for the past four years as a housekeeper, the 50-year-old mother of two notes happily, “I love my job. I like to visit with the residents. They’re so funny. It’s always an interesting day.”

Calling herself a Neat Freak, Sherry is the home’s Employee of the Month for April.

“Sherry is an important member of the housekeeping department,” says Julie Dennison, Manager of Housekeeping and Laundry. “She’s a great worker who is always cheerful. She’s excellent with the residents and is eager to help others. We are grateful to have her time and talent.”

Sherry smiles at the feedback and admits she’s pleasantly surprised by the award.

“I’ve always enjoyed cleaning,” says the Gananoque woman with a big smile. “One of my friends calls me Martha Stewart.”

When she’s not cleaning, the friendly woman can be found working behind the counter of the local Tim Horton’s Restaurant.

Looking around the accredited long-term care home, Sherry describes the drinks enjoyed by the people walking by. It’s hard not to smile as she associates her co-workers with the beverages they order.

“You meet all kinds of people there,” she says with a chuckle about the popular Canadian coffee shop.

When she’s not working, Sherry can be found cooking family dinners, shopping, fishing with her husband and spending time with her children and pets.

“My son just got married last year,” she says warmly. “I have a beautiful new daughter-in-law.”

Asked to describe herself, Sherry says quickly, “I’m very ambitious. I’m also energetic and easy to get along with; happy-go-lucky, I guess.”

Unspoken is Sherry’s strong work ethic.

“I never call-in (and cancel) work,” she explains. “It’s not my cup of tea. I don’t like leaving people hanging. If I don’t show-up, there’s a problem.”

Carveth Care Centre is grateful for the hard work of Sherry White who keeps our home clean and safe.

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