Meet our Assistant Director of Care
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Meet our Assistant Director of Care

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Lynn Vereecken is the type of nurse who knows it’s a blessing to open the eyes of a newborn and gently close the eyes of a dying man.

Graced with compassion, she understands the importance of being the first and last witness to the beginning and end-of-life.

A registered nurse at Carveth Care Centre for the past 14 years, Lynn’s concern for the wellbeing of others is evident in her work as the Assistant Director of Care.

“I genuinely love my job,” she says from her office at the accredited long-term care home in Gananoque. “I feel very lucky to have it. I miss the floor at times, but I love the challenge of my new position.”

As the Assistant Director of Care (ADOC) for the past year, Lynn oversees resident care, conducts in-service education, assists with staffing and trains new staff. She works with the Director of Care to act as the home’s liaison with families and residents. When the Director of Care is absent, Lynn steps into the role.

Asked what she likes about her job, she quickly replies, “I like learning something new every day. I like being there for residents and families.

“Carveth Care Centre is resident-focused and very supportive of staff,” she adds kindly. “I love the team here.”

Lynn describes herself as professional, organized, empathetic, supportive and caring.

“I watched Lynn when she was a nurse on the floor and I knew she had the potential to be a manager,” says Brett Gibson, Administrator. “When the position became available for ADOC, it was an easy decision to offer it to Lynn. Her nursing knowledge and commitment to the home was what set her apart. She is an asset to our management team which will only grow as she becomes more comfortable in the role.”

Pleased with the feedback, Lynn admits she derives professional satisfaction from putting a process in place and seeing it work.

“I appreciate positive feedback from residents and families,” she notes kindly. “It means I am making a difference.”

Carveth Care Centre is grateful for the good work of Lynn Vereecken who has been our Assistant Director of Care for one-year this May. Happy anniversary, Lynn. We hope you have a fun Nursing Week May 7-11.

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