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Carveth Culture Club to study Holland
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Carveth Culture Club to study Holland

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A fun program at Carveth Care Centre will be celebrating everything Dutch this February.

“There are a lot of Dutch immigrants and descendants in Canada,” says Shannon Buell, Activity Director at the popular retirement lodge and long-term care home in Gananoque. “We’re looking forward to studying their wonderful culture and celebrating their music, food and customs during our February Culture Club.”

Started in the fall of 2021, Carveth Culture Club has been popular with residents and staff who have been learning about other parts of the world such as Poland, England and Hungary. Information about Holland will be of special interest to Jack Schagen, one of many residents of the home from Holland.

Speaking for her father who has been diagnosed with dementia, Trudy Lovett, the eldest of Jack’s six children, says, “My father was born in Holland. We came over to Canada as a family in 1962. There was four of us at that time. It took a lot of guts.”

Now a resident of Lansdowne, Trudy, 67, remembers a lot about her time in Holland which is now a region in the Netherlands. “I was eight when I left there and I remember it quite well,” she says with a friendly laugh.

“I remember feeling excited and I enjoyed the adventure,” she says with a smile. “We arrived in April and that first summer in Canada was incredible because of all of the new things we saw and did.”

Asked about the differences between the two countries, Trudy says the biggest difference is mannerisms and culture.

“The Dutch culture is different,” she explains. “Our front windows were always open with plants on them. Outside, people were always bicycling.”

When Trudy and her family arrived in Canada, they lived with Jack’s brother and his wife in a basement apartment which was particularly hard on Trudy’s mother who was already dealing with the language barrier and leaving her family behind.

“My mother couldn’t comprehend how people lived underground,” Trudy says with a chuckle. “We came from the northern Holland which didn’t have basements. Everything was built on pilings.”

Despite all the hardships the family endured those first few years in their new country, Trudy says proudly, “They made a go of it.”

After 13 years in Canada, Jack returned to Holland with his family to celebrate his in-laws 50 wedding anniversary. He went home with great pride having accomplished his dreams in his new country. He was well established in his trade of being an electrician, owned his own home, and a happy, healthy family of six children.

“We went back as proud Canadian Citizens,” says Trudy with pride. “Canada Day has special meaning for us. This is our chosen country.”

13 fun facts about the Netherlands

Dutch men are the world’s tallest people.

The Netherlands is the world’s biggest flower exporter.

Amsterdam has over 1,200 bridges.

One-third of the Netherlands is under sea level.

The Netherlands was the first country to legalize same-sex marriage.

The Dutch consume the most liquorice in the world.

There are over 1,000 windmills in the Netherlands.

Home births are still popular in the Netherlands.

Carrots are orange because of the Netherlands.

The Dutch own more bicycles than any other country in the world.

The Netherlands has the biggest pub in Europe.

The Dutch invented gin.

The Dutch national anthem is the oldest in the world.

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