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Helen Henderson Care Centre (long-term care and retirement lodge), has a clear health status. Please visit anytime. 

For more information about our home, please contact:
Director of Care Sue Reynolds: 613-384-4585 ext.240 |
Owner/Operator/Administrator Lisa Gibson: 613-384-4585 ext.222 |
Infection Prevention & Control Lead Faith McGee: 613-384-4585 ext.230 |

Exemplary Level Accreditation for Carveth

Caring Nursing Home in Kingston

Helen Henderson Care Centre offers comprehensive and responsible long-term care services that are provided based on a patient’s needs. We understand everyone is distinct from one another, and offer our services in a uniquely caring way. Patients, young or old, who are not able to function or perform activities as they used to, can live safely at our nursing home in Kingston. We are pleased to offer the following services for the comfort and convenience of our residents. There are many on premise amenities that make our residents feel safe, healthy, and pampered.

  • Three meals daily
  • Daily snacks and nourishments
  • Daily housekeeping
  • Daily personal laundry if desired
  • Daily activities
  • Visiting Physician
  • Visiting Medical Advisor
  • Medication Supervision
  • Physiotherapy on site
  • Pharmacy services
  • RN on duty 24 hours a day

What Is the Importance of Long Term Care Nursing Home in Kingston?

One of the basic services to be expected from long-term care is personal care, where we assist with everyday activities like using the bathroom, having a meal or even getting into a chair. We empathize and help our residents to overcome their hurdles in the most respectful manner possible.

Accidents or diseases are not something one can predict. But, when they do happen, long-term care provides a reliable environment to recuperate peacefully. A reputable nursing home with trained staff can do wonders for the elderly. For cases of heart attack, disabilities and degenerative diseases that come with age, our staff is ready and experienced to help!

You Must Plan for It!

We must prepare for the future and that requires planning. Long term care is something that is a very real requirement for those who are disabled or suffering from diseases like Alzheimer’s. Inadequate planning would cause problems for your retirement plans. For example, if you suddenly contract a disease or suffer an unfortunate accident, the expenses that follow could be long term and overwhelming.  As every person enjoys a longer life on average today, they face a greater chance of developing cognitive and physiological conditions with age.                                                                                  

For any further information or insight into what we do, feel free to contact us. You can also check out what our residents have say about us!

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