Taking care of the small things earns Amherstview woman workplace award
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Taking care of the small things earns Amherstview woman workplace award

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Stephanie Gregory puts her heart, mind and soul into the smallest acts. It’s the secret of her success.

A Personal Support Worker at Helen Henderson Care Centre for the past 26 years, the friendly woman smiles brightly at the news she is home’s Employee of the Month for November.

“It’s nice,” she says happily when informed of the workplace award.

“I work hard to treat people like they are my family.”

A single mother of two, Stephanie is content with her work and life.

“I love this home,” says the 45-year-old in late October. “I love the people I work with, they’re very compassionate. But most of all, I love the residents. They make me smile and laugh every day.”

Dressed in scrubs and running shoes, the health care professional didn’t anticipate her life going in this direction when she was younger. Over time, her nurturing nature prevailed.

“Once I got in the field, I realized how much I enjoyed it and wanted to stay,” she confirms. “I love taking care of people.”

Speaking from the accredited home in Amherstview, Director of Care Sue Reynolds is grateful for Stephanie’s compassionate health care.

“Stephanie is a strong individual with a heart of gold,” says the director. “She quietly goes about her day and takes the time to know the little ways to touch a resident’s heart.”

Dedicated to the residents on Reception 2, Stephanie radiates health and happiness. Caring for the daily needs of people is important to her and she works hard to put her best effort into the smallest acts.

Recently, she was recognized by the accredited home with a special award for the first aid she performed on a choking victim. The victim survived due to the quick response by Stephanie and staff.

Asked to describe herself, Stephanie replies, “I’m very social. I like to make people laugh. I’m a people pleaser.”

When she’s not working, the award-winning PSW is caring for her family, home, gardens, pets or playing golf.

“(Parenting) on your own is not easy,” acknowledges the popular staff member. “There isn’t a lot of spare time. Working is kind of my social time.”

She laughs at a memory of a recent outing with work friends to Westport.

“This home is special,” she continues. “The staff here is amazing. They treat residents like they’re family. They go above and beyond which is remarkable. I wouldn’t be able to work here if we didn’t have caring staff.”

Helen Henderson Care Centre is grateful for Stephanie Gregory’s small acts of compassionate care.

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