Meet our Assistant Director of Care
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Meet our Assistant Director of Care

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Melissa Locke knows excellence is not being the best; it’s doing your best.

“I like to know at the end of the day that I have done my best to perform my work,” says the registered nurse when asked about the source of her professional happiness. “I like to take the time to talk with people and make them smile.”

The Assistant Director of Care at Helen Henderson Care Centre for the past five years, Melissa is passionate about the health and wellbeing of others. Her work involves quality improvement, education, policy development and documenting every resident’s needs and care.

“I love to educate and help staff develop their knowledge and skills,” she explains. “I also enjoy knowing the staff and the residents personally. Long-term care gives me a chance to know a person and to learn their life     story.”

Prior to joining the home in 2007 as a Charge Nurse, Melissa worked for six years at Kingston General Hospital in critical care, emergency and the burn units.

Nowadays, she can’t imagine working anywhere else.

“Helen Henderson Care Centre has strong family values which is really nice,” says the friendly mother of two. “The home listens to you when you have ideas and suggestions. I have had three grandparents in a Gibson family home and I can say from personal experience the owners and staff are here for the residents. The health care is excellent.”

Asked to describe herself, Melissa admits she’s a strong woman, mother and nurse. She uses words such as organized, dedicated, caring, determined, driven and intelligent.

“I embrace the opportunity for learning and always try to take something away from every situation and experience,” she explains.

Speaking on behalf of the home, Assistant Administrator Angela Gibson notes, “Melissa is a huge asset to our team. I can always rely on her to get the job done and then some. She understands the ins and outs of the job very well and manages to add a little comic relief on occasion.”

Helen Henderson Care Centre is grateful for the good work of Melissa Locke, our fun-loving Assistant Director of Care.  We hope you have a fun Nursing Week May 7-11, Melissa!

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