Carveth logoCarveth Care Centre has been providing quality Long term Care and Assisted Living Services in Gananoque, Ontario since 1965.

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Helen Henderson logoHelen Henderson Care Centre offers seniors and Long Term Care residents quality care and services in Amherstview, Ontario.

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Gibson family health care retirement centresThe Gibson Family have owned and operated a nursing home since 1965. We have employees that have worked in the home for many years. The experience, knowledge and passion that the employees have for the residents is invaluable in continuing to improve the quality of life for our residents. Carveth Care Centre and Helen Henderson Care Centre are continually improving the quality of service provided to our residents. We are recognized in our communities as homes of choice for those families who require our services.

Both our Homes encourage families and community members to utilize the common rooms for meetings and gatherings, thus allowing the residents to participate and continue their involvement in the community. Every attempt is made to make the Care Centre a home to the residents, families and the community. There are no restrictions on visiting hours so family members can spend quality time at their convenience, including mealtimes and social times.

The Gibson family has been providing quality care to communities for more than 50 years, currently moving onto their third generation. Mr. Kingsley Gibson, an industrial engineer, and his wife Mrs. Joyce Gibson, an RN, started a 49-bed home in Seeley's Bay in 1965. Initially, the beds were filled from ex-patients from the Kingston Psychiatric Hospital. In 1971, Mr. and Mrs. Gibson's two sons, Larry and Tim, assumed ownership of the home.In 1978, the Gibson family moved their long-term care (LTC) home to a new location in Gananoque, Ontario. At this time, Larry and Tim assumed full responsibility for the operation of the home. They purchased the 19-bed license from the existing home in Gananoque and moved their beds from Seeley's Bay to total 68 beds in the new home. In addition to the LTC beds, 40 retirement home beds were included in the new building. Carveth Care Centre was…
Gibson Family Health Care believes that their residents at Helen Henderson Care Centre and Carveth Care Centre are entitled to the best quality of nursing care possible in a manner that will maintain the wellbeing, dignity and self-respect of each resident. We believe that each Resident has the right to be cared for in a caring, friendly environment that is sensitive to their physical, emotional and spiritual needs. We believe in a multi-disciplinary team approach in providing optimal nursing care which also includes the Residents family member or care provider/designate in his or her care planning. We believe that in order to ensure the highest quality of care we must have established outcomes which can be clearly measured, monitored and evaluated at the department, program and committee level. We believe that ultimately the success of our services will rely upon the total involvement of our staff, Residents and the community.
Our vision clearly states "our family caring for your family" and that is how we run our day to day operations. We strongly believe that being in a home-like environment with a family atmosphere allows both staff and residents to be more comfortable with themselves and one another. Our dedicated Nursing staff work 24 hours a day on 8 hour shifts. A registered nurse is in the building 24 hours a day. We have two physicians who visit the home on a weekly basis. All staff and volunteers ensure that each resident is cared for with respect and dignity.
Our commitment to you is supported by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care's "Residents First" quality improvement program.  We are guided by the vision that each resident enjoy safe, effective and responsive care that helps them achieve their highest potential regarding their quality of life. Both our homes volunteered to participate in this innovative program and our multi-disciplinary team is focused on: Avoiding unnecessary emergency room transfers Preventing falls Preventing pressure ulcers Continence care Supporting continuity of relationships with residents. The basis of quality improvement is to bring about positive change.  Our process involves asking 3 fundamental questions in areas where there is room for improvement: What are we trying to accomplish? How will we know that a change is an improvement? What change can we make that will result in an improvement? Our vision that each resident enjoy safe, effective and responsive care  that helps them achieve their highest…
It really does take a community to enhance our resident care; we are pleased to be affiliated with the following community partners:

Our Partners

Residents First

Ontario Ministry of Health

Ontario Long Term Care Association

Accreditation Canada

Achieva Health

Dr. Burgess

Hunt's Pharmacy

Ontario Retirement Communities Association

Centric Health

Community Care Access Centre

Local Health Integration Network

Veterans Affairs Canada

All Long Term Care Home Service providers require an Accountability Agreement between the Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) and the Long Term Care Service Provider It sets out the terms on which the LHIN will provide funding to the HSP and the performance obligations of the HSP in return for that funding. It promotes continuous quality improvement and the efficient delivery of high quality health services to all Ontarians and it reflects Ontario's quality transformation agenda currently underway in the long term care home service sector. We have attached Gibson Family Health Care's L-SSA Agreements below: Helen Henderson Care Centre Carveth Care Centre
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