As role of pharmacist changes, values stay the same
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As role of pharmacist changes, values stay the same

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Dan Hunt knows respect is earned, honesty is appreciated, love is gained and loyalty is returned.

“Loyalty, it’s the one trait I find extraordinary about the Gibson family. They’re loyal and I appreciate that,” says Dan, owner/operator of Hunt’s IDA Pharmacy in Amherstview.

“I also like their family-attitude towards business.”

A pharmacist and businessman who provides pharmaceutical services to Gibson Family Health Care, Dan talks eloquently from his office at the back of his store in the Heritage Square Plaza in early 2016. Dan owns the pharmacy in Amherstview and co-owns pharmacies in Stirling and Kingston.

He describes himself as a hard-working family man who appreciates a balanced life.

Married with two teenage sons, Dan speaks of character values that are strong and steadfast. It is a stark contrast to his changing role as pharmacist.

“It’s a wonderful career, but it’s a challenging career,” the friendly man explains. “There’s increasing financial pressure from the government and third-party payers. There’s constant changes in the industry.”

These changes include a more direct involvement with patients.

The pharmacist cites a cure for Hepatitis C that costs $80,000 for a six-week course of therapy. It is only covered by drug benefits if a patient meets certain criteria.

“It’s difficult to tell someone there is a cure for their disease, and yet it’s so outrageously expensive,” he says thoughtfully. “We’ve had two prescriptions for it in the last month.

“The role of the pharmacist is changing,” confirms Dan. “We’re still dispensing medications, but we’re slowly getting minor prescribing capabilities and qualifying pharmacists are now able to give injections such as the flu shot.”

An important service provider at Carveth Care Centre in Gananoque and Helen Henderson Care Centre in Amherstview; retirement and long-term care homes owned by Gibson Family Health Care, Hunt’s IDA Pharmacy plays a vital role in the circle of care for residents.

“Dan is a vital part of the care team that looks after the residents at both homes,” confirms Brett Gibson, spokesperson for Gibson Family Health Care, a family company that celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2015.

“Dan has been loyal to the family throughout three generations of owners. He has gone out-of-his-way to support our vision. This partnership and friendship is built on trust and commitment to the residents and staff at each home.”

Dedicated to the health and wellbeing of the people in his care, the respected pharmacist also finds time for sports and music.

“I love all sports,” he admits. “I really enjoy music. I grew-up in a pretty musical family.”

Born and raised just outside Gananoque, Dan met his wife Karen LeClair at a high school dance.

For him, it was love at first sight.

“She was beautiful, what can I say,” he says with a shy smile.

To learn more about the services of Hunt’s IDA Pharmacy, visit www.huntspharmacy.com

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