Resident turns 103
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Resident turns 103

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Time has been good to Doris Peterson.

Sitting in her room at Helen Henderson Care Centre in early 2018, the elderly woman smiles brightly as she talks about her upcoming 103rd birthday.

“My family is throwing me a party,” she says happily about the significance of this incredible milestone.

Born on Feb. 13, 1915, Doris is one of a handful of people in the Kingston area to live more than 100 years.

Asked about her past, the friendly woman admits she lost her mother at an early age and had to live in an orphanage briefly before residing with her grandmother who lived to see her 100th birthday.

Doris was born into a family of eight children and is the last remaining member.

“I guess the good Lord doesn’t want me yet,” she said with a grin when she turned 100 years old in 2015. “He wants to leave me here.”

Mother of five children, Doris worked as a furniture salesperson while living in the Kingston area. She describes herself as a hard worker who spent most of her time caring for her children and grandchildren.

A resident at Helen Henderson Care Centre for more than 14 years, Doris enjoys assisting with programs, participating in resident council and community outings.

“Doris is amazing,” explains Donna Joudoin, Activity Director. “She is still active and continues to participate in our exercise programs. She has a wonderful sense of humour and enjoys good entertainment. Doris also takes an active role in resident council and attends church service. I believe she is 103 years young because she stays active and involved which is important for a person’s wellbeing. Doris is a wonderful example of a life well-lived.”


“Doris is a treasured member of the Helen Henderson family,” adds Angela Gibson, Assistant Administrator. “Her wisdom and charm are precious to us. We cherish every minute of every day with this amazing woman. Doris brightens the world with her joy and laughter.”

The community is invited to meet Doris on Feb. 10 from 2 to 4 pm. A party to mark her 103rd birthday will be held in the Fireside Room at Helen Henderson Care Centre.

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