This leader knows the way, goes the way, shows the way
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This leader knows the way, goes the way, shows the way

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For Sue Reynolds, problems are only opportunities in work clothes.

As the Director of Care (DOC) of the only long-term care home in Amherstview, Sue spends a lot of time managing people and their problems.

Talking in a soft tone and a clear voice, most residents and staff respond with a smile when Sue answers questions and provides direction. Unaware of her unique ability to engage cooperation almost effortlessly, the DOC’s easy nature and common sense are felt throughout Helen Henderson Care Centre.

“I like interacting with the residents and their families,” says the 50-year-old when asked about her work for the past 10 years as the DOC.

Speaking from her office on a warm spring morning, the friendly mother of one admits, “I like to see the impact they have had in their lives. Their stories are amazing and heartwarming. I also enjoy seeing the growth of the staff as they progress through their years of caring for residents in the home.”

Prior to taking the reigns as the DOC at the accredited retirement lodge and long-term care home owned and operated by the Gibson family, Sue spent two years in the retirement lodge as a residential aide and five years in the nursing home as a registered nurse. Now, she is responsible for the care of every resident and the management of every staff member.

“I like to see the amazing care provided by staff,” she says when asked to describe the source of her professional happiness. “I appreciate the little details by staff to brighten a resident’s day.”


When she is not at work, Sue enjoys time with her family, reading and watching movies. She describes herself as reserved, quiet and caring. She has also has a remarkable memory.

“I hope it lasts,” she says with a grin.

Asked what she likes about the home, Sue replies, “I like the homey atmosphere that welcomes you. I also like the way the Gibson family embraces its role in long-term care (LTC) in the Kingston area.”

Speaking on behalf of the home, Assistant Administrator Angela Gibson notes, “Sue is literally the glue that holds us together. Without Sue, the home would not function as well as it does. I can rely on Sue for anything. I have complete confidence in her decision making. We are extremely lucky to have her on our team.”

Grateful for the feedback, Sue tends to look forward more than she looks back. Currently, she’s watching trends in the industry.

“I want to increase my knowledge about the changes that are coming to LTC with the Baby Boomers,” she says thoughtfully. “I need to prepare for people who are living longer and require more complex care for their medical and emotional needs.

Helen Henderson Care Centre is grateful for the leadership of Sue Reynolds. To learn more about living or working at our home, please visit www.gibsonfamilyhealthcare.com

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