Amherstview woman enjoys second career helping others
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Amherstview woman enjoys second career helping others Featured

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Lucia Castillo is having a first-rate time in a second career.

Born and raised in the Philippines, Lucia was a civil engineer for 33 years before moving to Canada in 2008. Shortly after her arrival, she put her people skills to use as a Residential Aide at Helen Henderson Retirement Lodge.

It is a job she has enjoyed for almost nine years.

“I like it. This is my second career,” says the friendly 63-year-old from the lodge dining room in late May. “I like helping the residents here. I look to them as though they’re my parents.”

Known for her kindness and positive attitude, Lucia is the home’s Employee of the Month for June. The recognition took her by surprise.

“I can’t believe I won,” she says with a charming smile.

Speaking on behalf of the home, Lodge Manager Audrey Young notes, “Lucia is a kind and caring woman who is passionate about her career. She always has a smile and makes an instant connection with every resident in her care.”

Currently living in Amherstview, Lucia has been walking to work since she started assisting residents at the accredited retirement home. Her duties include providing personal daily care such as meals and housekeeping.

“I like giving residents their baths,” she notes. “I like to see their fingers clean. I like them to look their best.”


In her spare time, Lucia works as a cashier at Metro. She also likes to visit her sister who lives nearby.

“I moved here to be closer to my family,” she explains. “I like Canada. I like the weather and the culture. It’s peaceful and quiet here. I plan to stay.”

Lucia describes herself as a simple person who enjoys church and shopping.

“I love meeting people,” she replies when asked about her interests and future plans. “I hope to do some good deeds and continue taking care of the elderly.”

Helen Henderson Retirement Lodge is grateful for the good work of Lucia Castillo who works hard as a Residential Aide. To learn more about living in our retirement lodge, please call 613-384-4585 ext. 233. Rooms are clean, comfortable, affordable and available now.

Rooms Available in HH Lodge Spring

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