The good ol' days
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The good ol' days

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Some of our residents may remember...

In August 1947, the average  annual income was $3,456 and minimum wage was 40 cents per hour.

The average cost of a new house was $13,000. A loaf of bread was 12 cents, one-dozen oranges were 49 cents and postage stamps were three cents each. 

A ticket to a movie was 35 cents. A car cost $1,500. But best of all, gasoline was 23 cents per gallon-even cheaper than a gallon of milk, which was 80 cents.

The value of $1 in today’s currency would have been worth $5.92 in 1970.

The value of a dollar today, is worth less than it was in the past due to inflation. To offer further perspective, that same dollar was worth $23.63 in 1913.

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