Front-line health care worker wins workplace award, one-year after pandemic declared
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Front-line health care worker wins workplace award, one-year after pandemic declared Featured

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A front-line health care worker has won her first workplace award, one-year after the COVID-19 pandemic began in Canada.

Krista Whaley smiles when informed she is the Employee of the Month for April at Carveth Care Centre, a retirement lodge and long-term care home in Gananoque.

“It’s good,” she says when asked about her work. “I like spending time with the residents and getting to know them.”

For the past 16 years, Krista has provided front-line health care to 104 residents in the nursing home. She has been a Personal Support Worker for 22 years.

Speaking on behalf of the home, Assistant Director of Care Lynn Vereecken notes, “Krista arrives at work ready to do her job. She always knows the answers to my questions and is quick to help when needed. She is a good problem solver. She is direct, kind and gentle with the residents. She is always resident-focused. I’m sure she wears a smile behind her mask.”

“I do what they ask,” says Krista kindly, clearly pleased with the feedback. “I work to the best of my ability. I learned a good work ethic from my father who was in the military.”

Married with three children, Krista is a busy mother who prefers not to be the centre of attention.

“I don’t like to be the centre of anything,” she says with a laugh.

Asked to describe herself, Krista uses words such as easy going, hardworking, considerate and a good sense of humour.

When she’s not at work, she is usually tackling housework. 

“The only time I do anything is on vacation when I go to Prince Edward Island (PEI) which hasn’t been possible this past year because of the pandemic.”


Questions for Krista

If you could rule the world, what would you do on day one?

“I’d make this pandemic go away. I just want to go to PEI to see my family.”

If you weren’t at your current job, what would you be doing?

“I’ve been doing this job for so long; I don’t know what else I would do. If I wasn’t at my current job, I’d be doing something related to health care.”

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?


Carveth Care Centre is grateful for the good work of health care professionals such as Krista Whaley. To learn more about living or working in our home, please call 613-382-4752.

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