Retirement lodge worker recognized for compassionate health care
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Retirement lodge worker recognized for compassionate health care Featured

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Ruth Robbins is enjoying a new stage of life.
At 59-years-old, she’s left behind a management position in retail and a heavy workload as a Personal Support Worker to work as a Residential Aide at Helen Henderson Retirement Lodge; a position she has held for the past seven months.
“I love my job,” she says with a smile in May 2021. “I enjoy interacting with the residents and staff. What makes it very easy to work here is the compassion by staff for the residents. These girls go out of their way with their kindness and the residents pay it back. It’s a good feeling.”
Ruth was a Personal Support Worker for more than 10 years with Providence Care. Prior to that, she was a manager at Home Depot in Kingston. She joined the team at Helen Henderson Care Centre in the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic last year and hasn’t looked back.
“This place is phenomenal,” she exclaims.
Known for her positive attitude and helping nature, Ruth is the home’s Employee of the Month for June.
“Ruth is easygoing, hard-working and thoughtful while going above and beyond to care for the residents and assist her co-workers,” says Lodge Manager Audrey Young. “She brings many years of experience and is always eager to share this knowledge and experience with the team. Ruth is an asset. We are lucky to have her.”

Asked to describe herself, Ruth replies, “You can always come to me for a shoulder to cry on. I’m discreet, energetic and a team player. I just love life. I’m incredibly grateful to wake-up on this side of the grass and to have this job. I’m very content.”
When she’s not at work, Ruth can be found in her garden or spending time with her three adult children and six grandchildren. She will have been married 40 years this June, the same month of her workplace award.
“My grandchildren are a big part of my life,” she explains happily. “I had a great role model in my foster mom who accepted more than 100 children into her house.”
Ruth loved and admired her foster mother so much, she named her daughter after her.
Questions for Ruth
If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
“I’d like to make people of different races and backgrounds get along. We’ll all part of the human race. It doesn’t matter what colour we are.”
If you could rule the world, what would you do on day-one?
“I would sit the world down and have people grab a pencil and piece of paper so they could write down what they’d like to see done. We’d work that way. I’d like to give people the opportunity to change because there’s so much hate out there.”
If you weren’t at your current job, what would you be doing?
“I’d be with my grandchildren. They are a big part of my life. I talk to them every single day.”
Helen Henderson Retirement Lodge is grateful for the good work of Ruth Robbins. To learn more about living or working in our home, please call 613-382-4752.
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