Pandemic worker becomes paramedic
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A temporary pandemic worker at Helen Henderson Care Centre is reaping the rewards of hard work.

James Busby is a new paramedic.

“I’m very excited to be working as a paramedic,” the 39-year-old says from the popular retirement lodge and long-term care home in late September 2021. “It’s been my dream for a while.”

James worked at the home in Amherstview from April to September 2020 during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. His duties included cleaning and providing general assistance around the home. 

“James was an asset to the Helen Henderson team,” says Melissa Locke, the home’s Assistant Director of Care. “He had a cheerful way of brightening the day of both staff and residents, in a challenging time at the beginning of the pandemic.”

After one-year of pre-health, James graduated from the two-year Primary Care Paramedic program at Loyalist College earlier this year. He is now working as a paramedic near Stratford in Perth County.

“I like it,” he says with a smile. “It’s exciting being in a new city. Every call is different. You always have to be thinking.”

The proud father of three boys ages 13, 11 and nine, James says his family is proud of him.

“I finally made something of myself,” he says with a grin, paraphrasing his family. “I’ve already had lots of interesting calls.”

James credits his time at Helen Henderson Care Centre with helping him obtain his dream job.

“I learned how to help the elderly and geriatric patients here which is most ambulance calls. We’re always dealing with the elderly population, and I learned how to interact and communicate with them. This was a great experience.”

When he’s not working as a paramedic, James like to be outdoors enjoying activities such as triathlons and boating.


“I like anything that gets me outside,” he confirms.

Asked to describe himself, he notes, “I’m a very upbeat person. Saying that, I can be scatterbrained, too. Becoming a paramedic has been a good learning experience for me because it’s taught me to be methodical through routine and a systematic approach.”

Looking ahead, James is looking forward to working in the field and hopes someday to work closer to his home in Kingston.

“For now, I just want to get better at the craft. This has been the goal for the past three years and I want to relax and enjoy it.”

Helen Henderson Care Centre is proud of the hard work and accomplishments of James Busby. To learn more about living or working in our home, please call 613-384-4585.

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