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Canadians of German descent will be celebrating their roots this November at a relatively new program at Carveth Care Centre called Culture Club.
A resident of the popular long-term care home for almost one-year, Axel Roose was born in Germany 74 years ago. His family still resides there except for his wife, Elisabeth, who lives in Kingston.
Speaking on behalf of the poplar home in Gananoque, Recreation Director Shannon Buell notes, “I love hearing Axel speak German as it reminds me of my grandmother who was German. I really wish I had learnt the language, as it would benefit me now to converse with Axel and other German residents. I’m really excited to learn more about Germany.”
Married for almost 40 years, Elisabeth speaks for her husband who now suffers from a progressive disease called Lewy body dementia.
“All our family is in Germany,” says Elisabeth, 63, who was born in Dietfurt which is approximately 100 kms north of Munich. “Axel and I met in the first semester at university while we were living in Germany. Axel always said that when he saw me that he knew he was going to marry that young, skinny blond girl.”
Axel was born in the Russian sector of East Germany. When he was little, His mother smuggled him through the lines to the northern English sector of Kiel.
According to Elisabeth, Axel wanted to live in Canada since he was 18 years old. They stayed in Germany while he finished his medical degree to become a cardiologist and she became an orthodontist. When they finally arrived in British Columbia, he became a hay farmer, a stark contrast to his 30-year medical career; the last 12 as the medical director of a hospital and responsible for a staff of 18 doctors.

Asked if she misses Germany, Elisabeth says with a smile, “Not really. Germany is loud, crowded and expensive.”
“Everything is close together,” she continues. “You can see everything in three days. When I return home, I don’t need a car. I use a bicycle when I visit.”
Elisabeth admits she sometimes misses her family, friends and the culture back home.
“The food is a bit different in Germany,” she notes nostalgically. “I also miss the old buildings and the festivals with the old-fashioned clothing and music. They’re really nice.”
Carveth residents will be enjoying the music, food and culture of Germany every Tuesday afternoon in November as part of the home’s new Culture Club which started in September 2021. To learn more about living or working in our home, please call 613-382-4752.
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