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To the caring staff at Carveth Care Centre,
Thank you so very much for the kindness and care provided to Pat Ellerton. Pat didn’t like to participate in events and there were times I felt she must have long, lonely days. Having spent a number of hours at Carveth recently, I realize you became her family. Different staff members mentioned how much they enjoyed chatting with her and everyone seemed to know her well. It was a privilege for me to be with her during her last hours. My daughter Dianna and I certainly appreciated the offers of food, comfort and ‘please ring if there is anything you need’. Your tasks are not easy, but God bless you for the love and care that you give to your residents at the time in their lives when they need it. Sincerely, Karen Ellerton

Dear Gibson Family,
My Mother, Alice Crowder, was admitted to Carveth Care Center in Gananoque in the fall of 2016. I just wanted to let you know that your staff there showed my mother the kindness, compassion and respect that someone of mother's age deserved. Everyone (nurses, nurses' aids, PSW's, office staff, activation and the hair dresser) was very kind and considerate. We also want to thank you for making mother comfortable and showing the whole family compassion in her final days. Even though it was a very tough time for our family, the staff at Carveth Care Centre took care of us like we were family. Please pass on to all your staff that we feel they are a wonderful group and we will always remember the kindness we felt from them. Thank you everyone. Sincerely, Glen & Dollena Crowder

Dear Donna and all the fabulous ladies in the Activation Department,
Audrey Tordoff flourished in the last two and a half years of her life, while a resident of Helen Henderson Care Centre. Part of this blossoming was the nursing care she received, but most of it was a direct result of the work that activation does. You gave her the opportunity to try new experiences, continue old interests in new ways better suited to her abilities, meet new friends, stay mentally sharp and fill her time constructively. We will always be grateful for this. As her family, we want to thank you for the work you do every day and that you did for Audrey. She loved it when someone would read the calendar of upcoming events. There was always so much for her to look forward to, and plan for. This was so important to her emotional well-being. As she said in the March Newsletter, “If you were bored at Helen Henderson, it was your own fault.” We remember when Audrey attended her first ever Super Bowl party, shortly after she moved into Helen Henderson. She called us that night to tell us all about the game and that it was a ‘blow-out’. Audrey had never even watched a football game before, but she was taking it all in because she wanted to feel part of the community of Helen Henderson. And that is exactly what your department fosters – a social community. As you remember, Audrey loved participating in everything. Thank you for working to develop a program that kept her so happy and interested. She loved games (bingo, trivia, word), arts and crafts, poetry club, baking, exercise programs, entertainment, activities centred around food, religious services, holiday events and the field trips. But more importantly, she loved the friendships and bonds she developed with many of you. The Activation Department meant that there was companionship at all times of the day – she loved that! Thank you also for encouraging her to help. Whether it was folding newsletters, chopping strawberries or helping out with the garage sale – she loved feeling useful, giving her input and feeling like part of it all. We were blessed to have had Audrey in our lives. And, we are so thankful for the love you gave her and the special times you made for her. Your work is very important and very appreciated. With gratitude, Rick and Sally Tordoff

Dear Sue,
A huge thank-you to you for taking time out of your very busy day to attend Gail’s Care Conference yesterday. I continue to appreciate the extra mile you go to, in order to help people adjust and settle-in to their new home. This is not an easy road for any of us, but you are truly making a difference by the extra care, time and support you give to us. Thanks again, Cora

To the staff of Helen Henderson Care Centre,
I was admitted to your care centre just over a week ago and I asked my daughter to type-up this letter for me to give to you. I just wanted to take the time to say thank-you to each and everyone of you! I love my room. The Personal Supporter Workers and the Nurses have been so kind, upbeat and friendly - all have smiles on their faces. The staff has made me feel so welcome and comfortable at my new home. I am especially relieved there is a smoking area with an ashtray and there are beautiful gardens around the property. Jack, the maintenance man, was also kind enough to stop from his busy schedule to hang my clock in my room for me. I have been here long enough to have two baths so far and they have been wonderful! I believe people pay a lot of money at spas to have the kind of treatment we receive here on bath days. So, once again, thank you to all of you who work hard everyday to take care of myself and fellow residents. It is very much appreciated. Sincerely, Brenda Boyce

Dear Sirs,
This is a note of great appreciation to your staff for making Easter so joyous for Shirley Shaw, a resident since Christmas. You prepared a beautiful Easter dinner for my family of nine on Sunday, April 8 in a private room. You went out of your way to make it memorable. Special thanks to Melanie and the wonderful people who assisted her. Your care centre is a gem in this community. Thank you again to the Gibson family for their insight.

Dear Staff of Helen Henderson Care Centre,
Thank you for taking such excellent care of mum. Knowing she was safe, well-cared for, respected and happy gave us peace of mind. In addition to witnessing, over the past four years, the stellar care that mum received, we also saw residents are not mere patients, but are treated as your own family. For this, we will always be grateful. As we said good-bye to mum last week, it was obvious that she was well-loved. As a token of our appreciation, please accept a little bouquet of flowers that we have prepared for each of you. Again, it doesn't repay everything you have done for us, but it is a small token of our gratitude. Every bouquet has a pink rose in it. A pink rose signifies family. We thank you for being part of our family for the last four years. Sincerely, Sybil and Sophie

Dear Sue,
Faye and i would like to thank you and your staff for the care and kindness shown to mom in her last days. she lived a long and fruitful life and was dedicated to family. Again, many thanks to all - Faye & Barry Curzon

To the staff,
To the staff who planned, cooked and served the Christmas family luncheon. And those who so carefully chose the residents individual Christmas gifts. Thank you! And thanks to all of you who continually provide the special touches, the extra care and diligence. Your dedication and kindness make a big difference to residents and to the caregivers. Best wishes to you all and Happy and Healthy New Year.

We're so grateful,
You're so wonderful, and we're so grateful. Thank you for all you've done for Mom these past years. You've made it possible for her - although increasingly limited - to still enjoy her life. ~HHCC Resident's Family

To Everyone on Reception 3,
Thank you for the TLC, smiles, and laughs for the last two years. From Our Family

Dear Julie & Dietary Staff,
Thank you for all you have done for all of us. We do appreciate everything you have done for us. Your Friend, J. Findlay

Thanks to all of you,
Thanks to all of you who made it possible for my friend to attend the wake of her husband yesterday. From those who helped her get dressed and groomed for this special event, to those who arranged for her to have an early lunch, I am saying "Thank You" from myself as well as her daughter, who has had a heavy load to carry. She met many friends and neighbours from the neighbourhood and extended family and seemed to enjoy it all. We stayed for 1 1/2 hours of the wake but left before the service. Everyone told her how nice she looked. She really liked that. She said it made her feel good. On our way back to Gananoque we stopped at a restaurant for a treat. She had a piece of coconut cream pie, a big butter tart and coffee. The waitresses fussed over her; they hadn't seen her in a while. I just wanted you to know how helpful you folks were to all of us. Since I haven't take her out before, I was pleased at how much she enjoyed it. I look forward to taking her out again. Thanks again to all of you. You are a special group of caregivers.

Dear Phyllis,
please convey to your retirement home staff our sincere thanks for the wonderful care you all provided to our mother while she lived at Carveth. Your compassion and efforts to treat your clients with dignity and respect, did not go unnoticed or unappreciated. You are a blessing to the community.

Thank you Donna
Hi Donna, Thank you and your staff for all of the effort that you put into the candy grams. Mother has just spent ten minutes on the phone telling me the shape and colour of each piece in her packages and what they say. She laughed and giggled as I have not hear her do in a long time. She was a grade one school teacher and “small small world’ was her favorite ride in Disney Land, so you can understand why these little treats appealed to her so much. She said “This is a really happy day. I know you thought that Christmas was good, but I think today is a close second!”. I can tell that these treats took a lot of care and thought --- and work. Thank you for making her day so bright. I think she believes her sons-in-law have really sent them and I did not tell her any differently!

To Everyone at Carveth:
I am writing to say thank you. Thank you for your unfailing kind, loving care of my Mom, during the four years she was with you. Every one of you were part of her care team, and I was proud to be part of that team. We "did good work" together for Mom, didn't we? You became her extended family. Every member of the Carveth Staff displays kindness, love, professionalism, discretion and respect for the residents all day, every day. I've seen it. You are unbelievably awesome. Mom loved her music. Pub nights and sing-a-longs "downstairs" in Activation were a special joy to her. A special thanks to everyone who stopped by to say a loving farewell to Mom on the day she left us. So kind. I know it meant a lot to her and, of course, to me.

Thank you,
Thank you so much for the kindness and care you provided Keith over this past year.

Thank you
Words can not express our appreciation for the wonderful care provided by all staff to our mother, grandmother and great grandmother, Vivian Kelsey, during her almost eight years as a resident at Carveth Care Centre. We will always be grateful for the kindness, patience, compassion, and love shown to her by the staff.